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JIP - JavaMuseum Interview Project
will be part of NewMediaFest’2010 during 2010 by contributing regularly interviews to the festival context.
Week 24 - 7-13 June 2010

Caterina Davinio
Enrico Tomaselli

Week 18 - 26 April - 2 May 2010

Featured this week
Irene Coremberg
Tamar Schori
Fieldes & McPherson

Week 14 - (29 March - 4 April)

Monday: Chris Basmajan (USA)
Tuesday: Dagmar Kase (Estonia)
Wednesday: Jens Sundheim (Germany)
Thursday: Tomasz Konart (Canada)
Friday Raheema Beguim (India)
Saturday: Peter Lind (Denmark)
Sunday: Joern Ebner (UK)
Week 13 - (22-28 March 2010)

Monday: Alex Perl (USA)
Tuesday: Carla Della Beffa (Italy)
Wednesday: Genco Gulan (Turkey)
Thursday: Humberto Ramirez (USA)
Friday: Tamara Lai (Belgium)
Saturday: Philippe Langlois (F)
Sunday: Robert Sloon (RSA)

31 January
Panos Kouros (Greece)

30 January
Domenico Quaranta (Italy)

29 January
Tautvydas Bajarkevicius (Lithuania)

28 January
Genco Gulan (Turkey)

27 January
Curt Cloninger (USA)

26 January
Anahi Caceres (Argentina)

25 January
Pat Badani (USA)

24 January
J.R. Carpenter (Canada)

23 January
Randy Adams aka runran (Canada)

22 January
Ubermorgen.com (A)

21 January
Philippe Langlois (F)

20 January
Sachiko Hayashi (SWE/Japan)

19 January
Michael Szpakowski (UK)

18 January
Natalie Perrin (F)

17 January
Calin Man (RO)

16 January
Letizia Jacchieri (IT/NO

15 January
Reiner Strasser (Germany)

14 January
Myron Turner (Canada)

13 January
Juan Manuel Patino (Argentina)

12 January
Yvonne Martinsson (SWE)
11 January 2010
Salvatore Iaconesi (Italy)

10 January 2010
Jody Zellen (USA)

9 January 2010
Raivo Kelomees (Estonia)

8 January 2010
Carlos Katastrofsky (Austra)

Start of the features: 7 January 2010 with
Andrea Polli, digital artist from NY/NY

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New interview in August

is happy to publish a new interview on
JIP - JavaMuseum Interview Project

G.H. Hovagimyan (USA)

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New interviews online

Two new interviews have been recently added to
JIP - JavaMuseum Interview Project

Alexander Mouton (USA)
Henry Gwiazda (USA)

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call: JavaMuseum - Netart Features 2009

netEX - networked experience

Call: JavaMuseum
is pleased to launch the call for netart to be featured on JavaMuseum in 2009

Read the details

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Three new interviews

Three new interviews have been recently added to
JIP - JavaMuseum Interview Project

Alan Bigelow (USA)
Ethan Ham (USA)
Hyeseung Yoo (South Korea)

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Re-launch on NewMediaFest2007

JIP - JavaMuseum Interview Project
has the pleasure to announce its re-launch on 1 November 2007 and its participation in the framework of NewMediaFest2007
featuring now more than 75 interviews.

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call: netart wanted!!

Call for proposals
deadline 31 October 2007

JavaMuseum- Forum for Internet Technology in Contemporary Art
www.javamuseum.org - is looking for Internet based art (netart) for a series of features starting in November 2007 on occasion of NewMediaFest2007.

In this framework, the first of these features will become the third exhibition component besides the shows -”Seven Ways for Saying Internet with Net Art” - curated by Elena Julia Rossi (Rome), who is, among others, also responsable for the netart shows at MAXXI - National Museum of 21st Century Rome/Italy - and “a+b=ba? art +blog=blogart?” curated by Wilfried Agricola de Cologne.

JavaMuseum is looking for netart projects, which are completed after 1 January 2004 and not part of JavaMuseum, yet, max. 5 project proposals can be submitted.

The entry form can be found on

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call: a + b = ba ?

extended deadline 31 July 2007

a + b = ba ? - [art + blog = blogart?]
JavaMuseum is inviting artists to submit an art project in form of a blog.

The entry details, regulations and entry form can be found on
http://www.nmartproject.net/netex/?p=7 .

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launch on 4 September

Forum for Internet Technology in Contemporary Art

proudly announces the launch of

JIP - JavaMuseum Interview Project
on its new site - http://jip.javamuseum.org


Read more

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JAP - JavaMuseum Article Project announced

JAP - JavaMuseum Article Project,
is a project aimed to accompany the activities of JavaMuseum by collecting articles & papers on questions of Internet based art, technology used in Internet based art, art & technology in general etc, it will create this way also a forum for critical and theoretical discourses discussing these issues. 

A call for papers is now issued on—> NetEX - networked experince


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